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What Makes Pau d’arco a Healthy Tea

Pau D Arco

Pau d’arco is a native plant from South America that has been used for centuries in herbal medicine with the earliest record of medicinal use tracked in 1873. With the scientific name Tabebuia avellaneda, it provides a wide variety of treatments to a number of health issues like arthritis, pain, fever, boils, ulcer, prostate gland inflammation, dysentery, and some types of cancer. The plant also has a number of names like Taheboo tree, LaPacho and Ipe roxo. People from that century already know how to make organic pau d arco herbal tea for a simple home remedy.

The Science Behind Pau d’arco Tea

According to an article posted in the Exhibit Health and as reported by Dr. David Boothman from Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center, the active and natural chemicals in Pau d’arco are naphthoquinones called lapachol and beta-lapachone. Organic pau d arco tea health benefits and side effects may come as a result of the compounds moving its way through the body’s system.

These compounds were observed to disrupt the ability of cancer cells to replicate, killing of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Researchers even believed that it possesses some anti-inflammatory properties making it a good treatment for pain and swellness.

The Global Healing Center reported the effect of the plant to candida. Pau d arco tea as potential treatment to candida has been known to provide relief for vaginitis by using it as a therapeutic douche. This was a very informative research by scientists from Spain and Brazil as they noticed a similar toxicity to yeasts and fungi. They believe that Pau d’arco is among the top herbs that provides cure to a number of infections.

With the number of people suffering from cancer, many are trying to find a healthier treatment option like herbal medicine. Some have read and asked, “Is pau d arco tea good for cancer prevention?” That’s definitely a yes. Researchers have already seen its wonderful fighting ability against cancer cells that was mentioned in the Underground Health Reporter. Furthermore, it is able to lower the risk of heart disease and obesity.

How to Prepare Pau d’arco Tea

The part used in the plant for herbal medicine is the heartwood and the bark. The easiest preparation was outlined by Richard Whelan. He said that you need two cupfuls of the plant bark that will be boiled in a liter of water for 20 minutes. It will then be allowed to cool for at least an hour, and then strained to remove the solid bark. The result will be a very strong tea that should be diluted or divided into smaller doses throughout the day.

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