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The Healing Properties of Damiana Tea

Originally from Mexico, Damiana (Turnera diffuse and Turnera aphrodisiac) is an aromatic shrub from the Turneraceae plant family, endowed with aphrodisiac properties. This plant with small yellow flowers grows on rocky hillsides in south Texas, California and Central America and is widely used for medicinal and culinary purposes. Today you can find Damiana leaves in the form of tea, smoking blends or capsules. Now we are going to talk about the Damiana tea bags recipe health benefits.

Diamana Tea as An Aphrodisiac

If we talk about the history of Damiana, such people as the Maya surely need to be mentioned. Maya and other inhabitants of the northern Mexico have been using leaves and flowers in medicine from prehistoric times and Damiana was the main ingredient of the beverage that incited amorous passion. Centuries ago, the Mayans were using Damiana leaves as an aphrodisiac, which had the same sexual effect, both on men and women. This herb not only improves libido but also enhances the pleasure of intimacy. These properties were confirmed by scientists from the Mexican National Institute of Psychiatry in 2009.

Damiana tea

Damiana is used to boost sexual potency (decreased erectile function and libido), as well as to improve the general mood.

Here is how to make Damiana tea for improved libido:

Pour 1 liter water over 10-15 gram of herb. Boil for 5-10 minutes, then strain. It’s recommended to drink 2-3 cups of tea each day. Drinking Damiana tea can be combined with smoking a pipe with Damiana leaves.

Damiana Tea for A Better Mood

Damiana leaves can be used as a mild sedative. It improves mood, reduces anxiety, fights against panic attacks. This Mexican shrub is not such a powerful adaptogen as Schizandra (Chinensis), but can also add to your well-being. Sometimes it is used to treat mood disorders, including neurosis, hypochondria, obsessive-compulsive disorder and paranoid states.

Damiana Tea for Those Who Suffer Headaches

In folk medicine, Damiana herbal tea is used as natural remedies for headaches. The drink is very popular in the Caribbean. For maximum effect, it is recommended to actively inhale the steam coming from the hot tea for a few minutes. Damiana herbal smoke is also reported to have a slight euphoric feeling.

Drinking Damiana Tea

Damiana herbal tea is produced by traditional infusion, boiling and cold extraction methods. You can add some orange flowers into infusion and steep for 3-5 minutes. A stronger decoction can be produced by boiling Damiana leaves a bit less than an hour. For getting a cold extract, you’ll need about 24 hours.

To prepare as a traditional tea, you’ll need one tea bag for a cup or glass of boiled water, however, this amount can be increased to taste. Damiana herbal tea high is reported to be essentially the same as from smoking Damiana herbal smoke or pills.

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