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Lemongrass Tea and Its Many Health Benefits

A potent seasoned perennial plant known as lemongrass is found in several African and Asian countries. The long grass-like leaves have a powerful sour fragrance, however tastes milder and sweeter than a lemon. The plant is especially utilized in several preparation dishes and is historically consumed as tea. However, trendy analysis suggests, and practitioners of medication claim, that lemongrass tea advantages the body, and might be accustomed treat many alternative ailments.

Health Benefits of Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass is natural aromatic powerhouse that has a good sort of health advantages. for instance, lemongrass contains several essential vitamins and nutrients that area unit needed for a healthy body. it’s an excellent supply of essential minerals, that contributes to a healthy body. Luckily, it contains no harmful fats or cholesterin, and has several useful properties. the most part of lemongrass is lemonal or citral, and will facilitate forestall the expansion of some yeast and microorganism. Lemongrass tea advantages include:

1. Helps Digestion

Lemongrass helps promote digestion by exploitation antiseptic compounds within the colon that effectively kills the unhealthy microorganism, whereas promoting the nice microorganism within the alimentary tract. in addition, its antimicrobial properties facilitate relieve inflammation of the abdomen and intestines from microorganism toxins or a virus infection that causes inborn reflex and symptom.

2. Controls cholesterin

Lemongrass helps to scale back cholesterin with its anti-cholesterol and anti-atherosclerosis properties, and therefore the metal content in lemongrass can facilitate regulate and lower force per unit area. a lot of significantly, lemongrass helps with the oxidization of LDL-cholesterol that helps forestall arteriosclerosis plaque buildup.

3. Detoxifies and Cleanses

The drug nature of lemongrass helps cleanse and detoxify the body by removing toxins and will increase the number and frequency of evacuation. the rise in evacuation conjointly helps cleanse the kidneys. Lemongrass conjointly has cleansing properties to assist take away toxins from the exocrine gland, bladder, and liver.

4. Heals Colds and respiratory disorder

Lemongrass is loaded with vitamin C {to facilitate|to assist} boost your system and hasantibacterial properties that help your body address cold and respiratory disorder symptoms. The antipyretic and medicinal drug properties facilitate lower fever and anti inflammatory properties for pain and headaches.

5. Fights Cancer

One of the most parts in lemongrass is citral, and citral fights cancer by causingapoptosis in cancer cells while not damaging healthy cells. Lemongrass conjointly contains several inhibitor properties that facilitate combat against free radicals and cut back the danger of cancer.

6. Eases inflammatory disease Pain

Another one amongst lemongrass tea advantages is to treat the pain related to inflammatory disease, with its analgesic, and anti inflammatory properties for pain. It accomplishes this by suppressing the activity of Associate in Nursing catalyst that causes joint pain. Lemongrass conjointly contains flavonoids that area unit typically used for the treatment of inflammatory disease.

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7. advantages Mothers

New mothers World Health Organization conceive to breast-feed will have the benefit of lemongrass as a result of it contains galactogogue properties that facilitate the flow of mother’s milk. Its medicament and antimicrobial properties may also facilitate avoid passing on any unhealthy microorganism to baby throughout lactation.

8. Fights Depression

Lemongrass helps fight depression by activating the discharge of 5-hydroxytryptamine, a chemical the brain releases to combat depression, and since it conjointly contains citronella, making a chilled impact once consumed. moreover, the sedative properties assist you relax once making an attempt to induce some rest.

9. Reduces Body Oder River

Lemongrass is a good natural deodourant. Its medicament and antimicrobial properties facilitate to manage sweating and inhibit the microorganisms that area unit the explanation for B.O.. even though applied directly on the skin the sour fragrance lemongrass won’t exacerbate skin allergies or cause skin irritation.

10. advantages Skin Health

Due partially to its antiseptic, antifungal, and medicament properties, lemongrass helps to limit microbic or microorganism growth on the skin. Lemongrass acts like Associate in Nursing astringent, helps your pores, limits oil secretion and makes the skin firmer.

How to create a Cup of Lemongrass Tea

To get the foremost out of lemongrass tea advantages, here’s the way to make:

Things Needed:

2 stalks of lemongrass
1 cup boiling water
Sugar or honey (optional)
Pinch of ground cinnamon
Juice from ½ lime
1 tea bag
Yields: one cup


1. Take the lemongrass stalk and take away any dry outer leaves, and bring to a halt the roots. Using a rolling pin, gently bruise the base of the stalk.

2. Tie the lemongrass in a knot and place in a cup with other ingredients.

3. Add a tea bag and boiling water. Remove the stalks and tea bag as soon as the water is golden brown.

4. Add lime juice and serve with a lemongrass stirrer.


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